When Life Throws you Curve Balls

Almost a year to the day that I last blogged here. Almost fitting to announce that the look, feel of the blog will be changing. Why? Because I have changed, my outlook has change, and well generally speaking life has thrown some curve balls. Some of them knocked me out and a few well it … Continue reading When Life Throws you Curve Balls


I Should Have Played the lottery.

Was able to pay necessary bills and have some jingle jangle left over. That was a big worry since I have been out of work. Got on a waiting list for a bigger hotel room down the street, like half a block away. That will be more cost effective as it is set up like … Continue reading I Should Have Played the lottery.

Frugal Friday — Coupon Secrets

Recently I have been working on becoming a better couponer. There are a few things that I have learned through discussions with others and from my own experiences that I want to share with you all. Definitely match up ads, load digital coupons and use manufacturers' coupons. You never know some stores will allow you … Continue reading Frugal Friday — Coupon Secrets

Frugal Fridays: Buying in Bulk Part 3

The third part in this series we will discuss building a stock pile of meats. I do realize that some of my readers do not eat meat, for a variety of reasons, this isn't a discuss about why or why not one should eat meat. It is a way to save money by buying in … Continue reading Frugal Fridays: Buying in Bulk Part 3

Mom’s Corner: Children As Pets

This has to be one of my all time favorite bits of prose. I thought it was funny when Claire was a baby. I received it in an email chain thing way back then. I appreciate it more now as my children grow.  I just realized that while children are dogs - loyal and affectionate … Continue reading Mom’s Corner: Children As Pets