Health, Sick, and Well Care Explained

Everyone is familiar with the term health care. We all use it daily to refer to occupations, health insurance, hospitals, nursing, clinics, etc. Do you really know what it means? Maybe you have heard of sick care or even well care but do you know how these things are related and different?

Knowing and understanding how best to care for yourself and prevent problems or even to mitigate current health problems requires an understanding of terminology. It also requires an understanding of various bodily processes. Education is a key element in making good decisions for your body.

Health Care

Health care by definition  is “an organized provision of medical care to individuals or a community.”  (Oxford Dictionary) Translation it is western medicine based care with a medical focus not a whole person approach. You have all been there for yourself or for your family. Now please understand I am not against this but there is more to staying well than just clinical care, we will get to that in a bit. You go to your primary care and they refer you to a specialist who refers for imaging, blood work, etc. You feel like a number and that for each and every issue you have to see someone else. This is great especially for emergency care and very specific problems. But you don’t feel like a whole person, just a collection of parts. You also do not feel like you understand what is going on.

Sick Care

That is pretty self explanatory. It is the care you need and receive when faced with a medical emergency or acute and chronic illness. You are sick and require treatment. It seems like this would fall under health care and it does but there is more to it. If your emergency leads to a chronic illness or disability the majority of your care will be centered around treatments, sick care. But what about when that issue isn’t actively causing issues, well you are encouraged and have a tendency to avoid health care until the next emergency or flare. Now you are a collection of illnesses and you still aren’t a whole person.

Well Care

Lead a well balanced, active life.

I have been tossing this one around in a a few posts lately. So here is my definition not the one put forth by Medicare, Medicaid, and health insurance companies. Well care is a whole person approach to caring for yourself. I love simple things, don’t you? Well care requires more than just a bunch of specialists who never talk to each other. It is a more holistic approach to making a person feel healthy and able to function daily to their full potential regardless of health status. It is a team approach really. I am not discounting the need for specialized care for certain disease processes but a well care approach that supports the patient/client will have a better outcome. 

A well care coach looks at not just the individual parts, problems, and processes of the human body, they look at how everything works together from body systems, to mental and emotional state, nutrition, socioeconomic, and family dynamics. Well care coaches tend to be pretty nosy. We ask a lot of personal questions to gage where our clients are in their journey. Every part of the whole person and how they live affects their overall well being. 

Why am I becoming a well care coach?

I have been in health care for over 20 years in one way or another. Predominantly as a certified nursing assistant and most of the last 4 years as an RN. We won’t even get into what I experienced as the family member and the patient. Suffice to say our healthcare system sucks. Largely due to the lack of health education patients receive and the medical model approach. Nursing is a holistic approach and really part of what got me thinking.

There is no reason to treat people with chronic illness as if they will never have a healthy moment again in their lives. I also see that a lack of education on how to take care of ourselves and our family leads to crisis. Many times hospitalizations can be reduced if people know how to properly care for themselves. I see in the ever growing population of sick people that if those of us in health care spent more time educating our patients and yes even ourselves on well care we would not be such a sick nation.  

Let me help you navigate a well care journey. My well care coaching business is Enchanted Well Care Coaching.

Published by Tammy Curry

Single mom of awesome kids, writer, social media enthusiast, registered nurse, gardener dragging her family along on a journey to self-sufficiency. I have been described as driven, artsy, genuine and earthy. I am the modern granola girl!

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